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Information Engineering - IC Subversion

The (experimental) IC-Subversion may be downloaded here: icsvn-0.0.5.tar.bz2. This is a modification to the command-line svn client within the standard subversion distribution (version 1.3.2) to support information currency issuance when source code is committed. To install, you must have the Libxml2 and XML Security libraries available on your system.

Once you have downloaded the source code, execute

  tar xvfj icsvn-0.0.5.tar.bz2
  cd icsvn-0.0.5
  make install 

After building the software with the 'make' command, you will find the icsvn executable within the icsvn directory.

To use icsvn, place the following lines in a new file $HOME/.subversion/icsvn:

issuance-endpoint = https://localhost:48443/icws/services/ICWS
# This must be the full path specification for a PEM-encoded key.
issuance-key-file = $HOME/.subversion/rsa-key.pem
# This is the directory where new information currency is stored.
issuance-output = $HOME/.subversion/information-currency

It is necessary for the configuration file for the icsvn application to be manually created and copied to the user's

directory. The template for this file is in conf/icsvn. Change the entry for "issuance-output" to the directory where the returned information currency should be stored. Change the entry for issuance-key-file to the file containing the RSA key used to sign your issuance request. If you have openssl on your system, you can create the necessary RSA key with the command
openssl -des3 -out filename.pem 4096

, where filename.pem is the output file used to store the generated key.

In order to test the issuance process, you can download the ICWS server (version 0.2.2 or later) and execute the test-server ant target with the command

ant test-server

so that the endpoint https://localhost:48443/icws/services/ICWS can be used as the endpoint for issuance. You can then see the transaction on the server side by looking at the logs generated by ICWS. Logo